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About 8x1 and Jodi Elizabeth Halsey

About The Owner & 8X1


Over 25 years of experience in art and design​

​Jodi E Halsey has a wide and diverse set of skills. 

Her knowledge and professional experience span from freelance work for small and mid-size businesses to highly technical work for large pharmaceutical and medical device companies. 

She started as a graphic designer 20 plus years ago working for a small-town newspaper called "The Mountain Ear" in Nederland Colorado.  Her professional experience has refined her into the graphic designer she is today with a solid understanding of all the elements of design, Photo correction, product photography, editorial and much much more. 

Jodi specializes in creative thinking and innovative ways to communicate brand identity and design. She works with a designer's mind from every aspect of product development to brand awareness and merchandising. 

Fine Art, Poetry & Design Training


For 26 years Jodi has resided in beautiful Colorado. Her artwork has included reflections in her own way, inspired by the epic scenery and the healing power of plants indigenous to the Colorado Rockies. 

From the young age of 10, Jodi was inspired by her family her sister Megan Halsey a successful artist and children's book illustrator and her father, William T Halsey, who was an artist and woodcarver, taught Jodi how to paint. She spent many years growing up in his art studio enjoying his traditional oil painting techniques, graphic design creations, and creative thinking. 

Jodi received a full scholarship to the Maryland Institute College of Art where she specialized in figure drawing, sculpture, and painting. 

After years studying art, Jodi's desires led her west to the mountains of Colorado, where she studied medical herbalism,  nutrition and botanical illustration at the 

Rocky Mountain Center for Botanical Studies and later received a degree in Graphic design and web media technology from Front Range Community College.


During her time at RMCBS, she became a published botanical illustrator and poet. Her illustrations were featured in Herb Quarterly Magazine, We'moon Calendar booklet, and continues to be featured by Herbalists in Colorado. Her Poetry was featured at RMCBS events and her poem "Sun Shower" written in 1996 was composed with music written by the late Chris Cornell for the soundtrack to the movie Great Expectations. The Poem Sun Shower was a gift from Jodi to the band Soundgarden and was well-received shortly before the band split up in 1997.

Jodi continues to sell her art and express her unique creativity through her paintings,  botanical illustrations, poetry and lyrics and much more.